QFive - a touch of sensation

QFive - the electronic faucet system with touch sensitive control buttons for flush fitting

  • QFive can be built into into the materials and surfaces of the wash stand, bathtub, shower and bidet
  • The control buttons can be individually placed in any position in the bathroom
  • Individual buttons for special functions can be created according to your specific needs
    (Steam, Music, Fragrance, Light)

QFive - black

All Qfive components are available with different surfaces and labels.

The Shower Experience


QFive HeadShower

Concealed within the cantilevered overhead shower panel are the integrated shower outlet modules and LED spotlights. The use of the same materials for both the walls and the overhead shower panel allow for a unified and harmonious design.

QFive Faucet

The touch sensitive control buttons of the shower outlet are mounted flush with the wall surface. Additional controls for the selection of music and light scenarios transform the shower into a unique experience, all at the touch of a button.

QFive ShowerRail

The handset holder can be adjusted for any height in the ShowerRail without the need to adjust or tighten any knobs. It will always hold the chosen position. The ShowerRail has a depth of only 10 mm so that it can be mounted elegantly on the or fitted flush within the depth of the wall finish allowing for a both functional and elegant design element.


All of our QFive products can be found in our brochure QFive

The QFive Bathtube

The flexibility of the mounting system of the touch-controls provides for an optimal solution for every bathtub situation. The controls may be positioned in any position directly at the edge of the bathtub itself, in the tub surround or recessed into the rear wall. The extremely user friendly placement of the controls by the edge of the tub demonstrates that there are no limitations to the QFive systems.

The flush fitting of the controls into the edge of the bathtub, in the tub surround or into the wall tiles is made in advance in our factory.

Alternatively the touch-controlsare available with a chrome frame as a pre-prepared unit which can be mounted as required in all areas of the bathtub, shower and wash stand by the craftsmen on site.

The  QFive control technology

The  System components

  • Concealed control unit with thermostat, valves, controls, cold and warm water connections, two mixer outlets, power connector, fail-safe battery, plug-socket for the keypad and interface for peripheral electronics, such as LED lighting.

  • The concealed control unit is available in two flow rate capacities:
    a) standard version with 33l/min at 3 Bar pressure and free drainage.
    b) high-flow version with 47 l/m at 3 Bar pressure and free drainage.

  • Touch sensitive piezo controls and temperature display with rubber seals, flush-fitted into the finish of choice and removable for maintenance, complete with individual power connectors connected to the concealed control unit.



Pressing the “on/off” button opens the preset outlet valve (e.g. for the handshower outlet) and automatically mixes hot and cold water to a precise preset temperature. At the same time the preset temperature (e.g. 38°C) is indicated by the LED display. The HOT and COLD controls allow the user to adjust the preset temperature up or down as desired. The selection control allows the user to switch between the various water outlets, e.g. from the hand set to the overhead outlet and back again.


All the QFive system components are maintenance free. In the unlikely event of a fault, a plug-in test unit will identify the source of a fault. The modular design of the system allows for simple replacement of any module in a minimum of time and eliminates the need for specialist tools or training.


  • The concealed control unit, control buttons and temperature display can be located independently in almost any position in the bathroom.

  • One system to handle the different installation options coupled with various architectural design choices and optimal ease of use.

  • The control buttons and temperature display are installed flush into the wall panel or tile material of the client's choice at the Gerloff factory.

  • There is no need to chase-out the walls. The cables are laid within the adhesive bed used to fix the decorative finish to the walls.

  • The design is reduced to a minimum of functional elements resulting in a balance of form and function with timeless and classic elements.

  • The operation is simple, safe and intuitive. After touching the ON control the system and presets are self-explanatory.

  • The handset is the default source when the system is activated. This prevents water falling unexpectedly from the overhead shower.

  • The precise digital control of the desired temperature does not require any further manual testing or adjustment of the controls. Setting the temperature is reduced to a few seconds and includes an anti-scalding limiter for safety.

  • The flush-fitted mounting allows for quick and easy cleaning.


Gerloff Magic Shower

… shows you one possible variation of the QFive. The control of the LED lighting, music player, fragrance dispenser and steam generator are all controlled through individual touch sensitive buttons. External functions may also naturally controlled synchronically with the ON/OFF faucet button. For example, the shower lighting can be automatically switched on when turning on the shower. On turning off the shower, the lights automatically switch off again.


Flexibility is the key to a new generation of bathrooms. With touch sensitive control of the water source, temperature, lighting and music, even steam and fragrance, almost anything is possible with the QFive electronic faucet and shower outlets.

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Best Western Hotel Böttcherhof Hamburg

H4 Hotel Mönchengladbach

Kempinski Grand Hotel Geneva

Kempinski Hotel Ciragan Palace Istanbul

Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein

Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch

Kempinski Hotel Palais Hansen Wien

Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava

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Shower system QFive® - Products

Concealed control unit including mains adapter, control buttons and temperature display in two different versions:

Mosaik control


Control buttons individually mounted
flush into a base plate of any material.

Control panel


Control buttons flush mounted
into a chrome plated frame.

1 Outlet
for head or hand shower.
(also suitable for a
washstand or bidet)

Item No. D4686A

Item No. D4686B

2 Outlets
with selector for
head and hand showers.

Item No. D4685A

Item No. D4685B

2 Outlets
with selector for
head and hand showers,
plus a separate button
to switch on an additional
"BigRain" head shower.

Item No. D4685BRA

Item No. D4685BRB

3 Outlets
for 3 separate
water outlets,
e.g.: hand shower,
head shower, side shower.

Item No. D5552A

Item No. D5552B

bath faucet QFive®

Concealed control unit including mains adapter, control buttons and temperature display in two different versions:

Mosaic control


Concealed control unit including
mains adapter, control buttons and
temperaturedisplay mounted flush
as a mosaic control into the bathtub
top, into tiles or directly into the
bathtub rim of acrylic baths.
(for the installation into the rim of
steel enamel baths please choose
version B)

Control panel


Concealed control unit including
mains adapter, control buttons and
temperature display as a control
panel with chrome frame.

2 Outlets
with selector for bath-filler
and hand shower.


Item No. W4685A

Item No. W4685B

3 Outlets
combined shower bath with 3 separate
water outlets. (bath-fi ller, hand shower,
head shower)

Item No. W5552A

Item No. W5552B

special keys
Special effects
(Steam, music, fragrance, light)
additional functions on request

Special keys

Special effect
sensor key light

Item No. Q5LA

Item No. Q5LB

Special effects
sensor key music

Item No. Q5MA

Item No. Q5MB

Special effects
sensor key steam

Item No. Q5DA

Item No. Q5DB

Special effects
sensor key fragrance

Item No. Q5DUA

Item No. Q5DUB