Wash basin system SURF®


The innovative Tile-Wash Basin

Manufacturable from all tile, stone und sheet materials with complete dimensional freedom.

  • Puristic monolithic design
  • Wash basin and wall tiles melded into a harmonious unity
  • Can be tailored to any assembly situation
  • Connection to all commercial waste valves
  • Cost-effective

The perfect couple

The Wash basin system SURF® in combination with our Shower floor system SURF®.
The electronic faucet system QFive, the shower rail, both flush mounted and the light mirror from Gerloff make the bathroom perfect in design and functionality.

Wash basin system SURF® by Gerloff - The Film

Wash basin system SURF® by Gerloff - an idea prevails!

Fontenay Hamburg

Asklepios Kliniken

Intercity Hotel Düsseldorf

Intercity Hotel Hamburg

Intercity Hotel Hamburg

Intercity Hotel Magdeburg

Frankfurt Hotel Marriott

Lindner Hotel Köln

La Strada Hotel Kassel

Steigenberger Hotel Jena

Best Western Hotel Hamburg

Vienna House Diplomat Prag

Novotel Messe München

H4 Hotel Kassel

Wash Basin System SURF® - Dimensions