Housing construction - upscale, individual or standard fund

Our profession is contemporary bathrooms with innovative sanitary technology and effective surfaces.

In the very demanding hotel industry, we have already achieved a leading position in the area of ​​hotel bathrooms.

We also implement trend-setting bathroom projects in the residential sector. In condominium construction, apartment complexes and senior citizens' residences with upscale, individual equipment, in rental apartment construction with standard equipment and in student dormitories. Execution planned in all details in our planning office, serially prefabricated in our factory and installed turnkey in the shortest possible time with our assembly team at reliable fixed prices.

In our plant in Cornberg we produce our own innovative, patented bathroom systems that have already proven themselves in thousands of bathrooms.

Our shower bases, washbasins, fittings, ceramic furniture and large ceramic coverings give your future bathrooms an unmistakable touch - economical and at the same time effective.