Shower floor system SURF®


The Drainage Technology is completely machined into the tile.


  • Puristic design

  • Only one drainage slope

  • Jointless

  • Cleaning-friendly design

  • Siphon fixed watertight to the tile

  • Cost-efficient

  • Quick and simple assembly

  • Easy to maintain

Shower floor system SURF® Slot

Shower floor system SURF® by Gerloff - The Film

The Showerfloorsystem SURF® is manufacturable from all tile, stone and sheet materials.

Laying Showerfloorsystem SURF®

The shower tray of the respective series is available in two versions:
As SURF® Basic with drain cover made of metal or
SURF® Slot with the elegant, practically invisible tile drain cover.
The drainage technology is completely incorporated into the tile ready for laying.


  • Nice and functional
  • Minimalist design
  • Different surfaces
  • jointless
  • Easy to clean
  • Siphon bolted to the tile watertight
  • economical
  • Fast, easy installation

The detailed installation instructions, unfortunately at the moment only in German, can be found with illustrated step by step instructions under our downloads for printing.

Showerfloorsystem SURF® by Gerloff - an idea prevails!

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Showerfloorsystem SURF®

The Drainage Technology is completely machined into the tile.